Open source hardware and Interaction lab

Based on its commitment to open source software and hardware, Hangar works with artists to develop custom hardware for projects, as part of its focus on R+D.

Through the Interactive Lab, Hangar can develop all kinds of hardware that may be required for arts projects, such as developing internal electronics, programming and building prototypes. Some examples of applications include: real time interaction, data processing and visualization, synchronisations, devices, automations, remote controls, etc.

The Lab also develops a series of copyright-free tools, which are made available to all artists for use in any projects that may require them.

The lab consists of 4 separate areas:

– Design area (computer with PCB and circuit design software, equipment for developing microcontrollers, PLC, RFID, etc.)

– Assembly and test area (with specially adapted work tables, dremel, JBC soldering and desoldering station, SMD soldering kit, METRMAN 38-XR verifier, USB BITSCOPE BS50 oscilloscope/analyser, PROMAX digital oscilloscope, analogue oscilloscope, KAISE adjustable symmetrical power supply)
– Area for manufacturing printed circuits and development lab (cabinets with electronic components, drill bit sets, assembly material, professional plate maker, guillotine for PCB, liquids and positive plates for developing, trays and development accessories, etc.)
– IT area (with various computers for developing application, lockers for storing material, etc.)

To access these services:

• Production service for artists. After studying the project, we prepare a production proposal including a quote for full or partial production within the Lab.
• This service must be booked in advance by writing to
• Project analysis and the production proposal are offered free of charge
• Rates quoted will depend on specific projects

• Consulting service. Aimed at people who are developing their own projects and are familiar with technical aspects, but occasionally need assistance to resolve problems, redirect the development process or learn about alternatives. This service must be booked in advance by writing to